Review: Kenwood kMix HB859 triblade Hand Blender

I’m pretty obsessed with the Kenwood kMix range


I love the bright and bold colours and sturdy quality.

I own the hand mixer, kettle, toaster and now I’ve added the hand blender to my collection.

I purchased the Kenwood kMix HB859 triblade hand blender (bright magenta) from Amazon for £29.95 (RRP: £69.99).


Kenwood kMix triblade hand blender HB859


Featuring a powerful 700W motor, Kenwood’s revolutionary Triblade technology and five blending speeds, the kMix Hand Blender will always give you fast, controllable blending performance. Whether you’re making cakes, blending soups and sauces, or mixing up a smoothie, this good looking blender always gets first class results.



Key features: 


  • 3 Blade Technology



The Kenwood Triblade system is the first hand blender to use 3 blades providing super fast and efficient blending.

The blades are also angled to sweep through 3 different paths providing 3 levels of cutting per rotation.

  • Removable wand
Just press the buttons simultaneously to remove the head


This is definitely one of my favourite features.

Being able to remove the wand and place it in the dishwasher makes it super practical.


removable wand


It also comes with a blade cover which ensures safety.




  • Variable Speed



It comes with 5 variable speed settings for precise control when and where you need it.



I’ve been putting the blender to the test.

We can’t get enough of chickpeas in our house, it’s a staple ingredient as we are vegetarians.



We use it as a sandwich filling / vegetable dip/ add to soups/ stews…

I can’t tell you how much I missed making my own hummus, it literally took a few seconds to whizz it up and tastes so much better than shop bought ones.


We’ve all been under the weather, and find a nutritious vegetable soup so comforting, and effortless to blend.



Energy boost smoothie -I whizzed up my favourite mango yogurt, 2 ripe bananas, and a dollop of peanut butter.




I also make this quick recipe for my fussy eaters.

  • In a saucepan, sauté some onions and garlic in olive oil,  add salt and pepper and a bottle of tomato pasatta or can of chopped tomatoes.
  • Chuck in some spinach and diced carrots and blend it all together
  • Serve it on top of pasta, or jacket potatoes with grated cheese on top – Hidden nutrition.



Overall I rate this blender 4*



  • Powerful and efficient
  • spectacular design and colour
  • Variable speed settings
  • Removable wand is dishwasher safe so its easy and safe to clean.


  • No blending beaker supplied
  • It heats up quite quickly when blending huge quantities
  • It is heavy to hold after a while


You have the option to purchase additional accessories like the whisk, soup wand etc but I’m still beating myself up for not buying the upgraded version which comes with a turbo function, whisk, soup XL attachment and a mini food processor with a base to conveniently store all the attachments.


I hope you found this review helpful.  Thanks for reading.

Marcia 🙂

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