Naturisimo Vegan Beauty Discovery Box

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Hello, I’m back!

It’s been a frantic month, but then again it always is.

I find half terms really difficult now that the boys are older, it’s a mission to juggle a family of 5, work and find affordable activities to cater for 3 different age groups. Plus the fact that I’m over protective, and bit of a control freak increases their frustration. But hey ho…. I’m only human and the boys survived yet another half term.

During the last 5 years I’ve changed all our family’s beauty products to organic, free from SLS, fluoride, aluminium and other nasties.  But it hasn’t been an easy ride testing and adapting is time consuming and expensive when you buy full sized products to try.

That’s why I find beauty boxes extremely helpful.  I have to thank Lola for her patience and support, so when she sent me a text saying “check this out….(Vegan too) ” I didn’t think twice.

I placed my order quickly and it arrived the next day, beautifully presented in a reusable gift box and neatly organised to perfection (yes I’m OCD).

Naturisimo Vegan Beauty Discovery Box  (worth £68 for just £13.95)

The EXCLUSIVE Vegan Beauty Discovery Box contains a carefully selected range of ten beauty, skincare and nutritional products suitable for all vegan lifestyles. Whether you are already a devoted vegan or are interested in exploring the vegan world, this is the perfect box for you to try something new to incorporate into your daily routine.

A total bargain that couldn’t be missed, anyway… I needed a treat.

So what’s in the box? 

and 7 samples:

  • Pai Head to Toe Buriti Balm 2ml
  • Green People Age Defy SPF15 DD Tinted Moisturiser – Ivory 2ml
  • Skin & Tonic Calm Balm 5g
  • Pink’s Boutique Hydrating Deep Cleansing Melt 5g
  • Evolve Lip Treat 5ml
  • The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder 5g
  • Kiki health organic pea protein powder 5g




I’m a huge fan of Barefoot SOS,  and use their rescue products for the boys. This is an intensively moisturising & toning cream that helps firm the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and protects against UV damage.

It contains Rosa mosqueta, argan, borage oil, and vitamins A & E to boost collagen for a smoother, rejuvenated complexion.

I have oily skin and  I love the fact it dries to a matt finish and prepares my skin  to apply foundation.



  • Madara Time Miracle Total Renew Night Cream 20ml

This is certainly my favourite product in the box. Since my birthday is around the corner the full size bottle will definitely be on my wishlist. I honestly can’t praise it enough! It’s a fast absorbing yet richly nutritious moisturiser that instantly softens; hydrates and recharges the skin. It’s a very light sage colour, has a mild yet refreshing scent.



I tend to stick to the same practical nude make up, but it’s always exciting to explore different products.  This lipstick nourishes and hydrates without compromising on performance or colour. It contains organic avocado and jojoba seed oils that create a creamy, flawless application. The argan oils create a smooth application that lasts.  I’ve already got my eyes on their Nude Sheer Peach lipstick.



  • Pai Head to Toe Buriti Balm 2ml

Pai is one of my favourite brands. This magical buttery balm has a gently vanilla scent, and is completely free from lanolin, beeswax, petrolatum, essential oils and synthetic fragrance.

I work with children and I’m constantly washing my already sensitive hands. Most of the times I have to use whatever hand wash is available and  I don’t always have time to moisturise straight after so frustratingly my hands are dry, sore, red and cracked.  This balm brought me instant relief and comfort.  Its also great for elbows and feet.


  • Green People Age Defy SPF15 DD Tinted Moisturiser – Ivory 2ml

I’ve been using this foundation for a while now and love it. After trying a sample I contacted GreenPeople by email, gave a brief description of my skin and problems I faced  and they sent me a few samples that best suited my skin type

I haven’t used any other foundation since, 30ml costs around £36 but it lasts a good 6-9 months. It gives me a light, nude effect, reduces redness, and leaves my skin smooth, moisturised and with an even tone.





  • Skin & Tonic Calm Balm 5g

Having a multi-purpose potion is a must and this one is easy to fall in love with. This is a gentle and nourishing multifunctional balm that uses Roman chamomile, English lavender and Welsh calendula oils to aid your skin and your mood in moments of stress.  (Shame I didn’t have this during half term ha ha ha!)  You can also massage into dry, delicate or cracked skin for a hydrating moisture boost.


  • Pink’s Boutique Hydrating Deep Cleansing Melt 5g

I’ve used this 2 nights in a row, it left my skin feeling supple and soft and it smells divine. Extremely effective at removing makeup and dirt.  It’s calming and hydrating, uses Calendula, and extract of marigold, which immediately calms angry, irritated, flaky and dehydrated skins.


  • Evolve Lip Treat 5ml

I’m slightly addicted to lip gloss, and this one is so good.  It’s a blend of shea and cocoa butter mixed with organic orange oil.  It smells good enough to eat!



  • The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder 5g


Your skin is a reflection is what’s going on inside, and while its important to have good quality skincare, we also have to nourish our insides.

It contains 23 ‘superfoods’ including chia, green tea and ginger, to restore a healthy balance in your gut that not only improves your skin but also helps maintain a healthy digestive system. With a pleasant-tasting berry flavour, simply mix a teaspoon with water or your favourite drink – it’s suitable for vegans and those intolerant to lactose or gluten, plus it’s free from sugar and artificial colourings.




  • Kiki Health organic pea protein powder 5g


Kiki’s pea protein is of an exceptional quality.  It has a smooth texture, mixes easily and blends well into smoothie or juice. It can also be added to soups.


This has been a great box and I’ll definitely keep my eye out for future boxes.

Last time I checked this box is currently sold out, but if you enter your email you’ll be notified when it’s back in stock.

Have a lovely week and enjoy a naughty pancake (or 2) tomorrow 😉


Marcia x


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