About Us

Hello and welcome to our blog.  We are 2 busy mums committed to a natural and healthy lifestyle.  We know balancing work and family life isn’t easy. We started this blog as a hobby, our hope was that it would become a place where busy mums… and others could come and read authentic and helpful reviews.

We both like to speak our minds, so whether it’s a sponsored post, collaboration etc, please be assured we will only share our honest views with our readers.

We are PR friendly and happy to work with companies, so please get in touch.



Hi there, I’m Lola, age 40.  I live in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire with my husband David, and our 2 little munchkins Josiah and Annaliese.

I’m currently a stay at home mummy and loving it! I like to cherish every moment with my little munchkins.

I love life and like to keep things simple.  My aim in life is to always be authentic, I like to ‘keep it real’ as they say.

I’m a foodie and love cooking from scratch so I often find myself experimenting.  I’ve had a few disasters, but hey that’s part of learning!

I’m passionate about aromatherapy, natural and organic beauty. Every now and again I like to whip up my own products in my kitchen. I enjoy making whipped butters which I use on my hair and body.

I’m a bit of a techie and love trying out the latest gadgets.

My aim for this blog is for my readers to know my heart and be assured that whatever I share is 100% my honest opinion.

I hope you find our blog posts helpful.  Please interact with us.

Happy reading x


Hello! I’m Marcia, aged 35 and I live in the garden of England – Kent.

I’ve been married for almost 18 years to my best friend, and we have three boys: – James, Thomas, and Edward.

Nature is definitely my medicine, as I’m a bit of a modern hippie, obsessed with 100% natural; eco and organic living.

I currently work as an ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) tutor for preschool children diagnosed with ASD.

Fact: I’m unbearable without a good cup of tea.

Favourite quote:Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

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