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Hair Story – CurlyEllie brings natural curls to life!

If you’re a mum of kids with curly, kinky or coily hair you know the struggles involved. Wash day can literally be a nightmare…lots of complaining and whining! ‘Natural hair’ is something I’m very passionate about. Most of us have grown up to think naturally kinky hair is not beautiful and must be altered in

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My First CurlyTreatsBOX 

I have been waiting for a subscription box for curly and natural hair for ages so when I heard about the launch of CurlyTreatsBOX, I quickly signed up. CurlyTreatsBOX is a UK based subscription service for women and young girls with curly hair worldwide. Each month they deliver a box with a minimum of 4 hand-picked curly hair and beauty

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My Natural Hair Journey 

My natural hair journey began in 2011. My hair was chemically straightened (relaxed) when I was about 10 years old.  I guess back in the day kinky curly hair was hard to cope with on a daily basis! Now having a chemical relaxer wasn’t all that great, my scalp is sensitive and I remember the

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