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Kids Haircare – Wash Day Routine With CurlyEllie

I know for some mums and dads (included) that kids haircare can be a challenge and wash day is often a nightmare! Your child’s haircare routine shouldn’t be scary and painful for both you and your child. Having the right products and a good regimen that works well for you and your child makes caring

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Hair Story – CurlyEllie brings natural curls to life!

If you’re a mum of kids with curly, kinky or coily hair you know the struggles involved. Wash day can literally be a nightmare…lots of complaining and whining! ‘Natural hair’ is something I’m very passionate about. Most of us have grown up to think naturally kinky hair is not beautiful and must be altered in

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Review: CurlyEllie Hair Care

As a mum to two curly haired kids, I know all about the tears over tangled tresses. I was recently contacted by CurlyEllie to review their newly launched hair care range.   About CurlyEllie CurlyEllie is a super-soothing and sustainable hair care range professionally developed by Zaina O’Halloran (a banker), the mother of Ellie (after whom

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