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Kenwood Disaster Chef 2015 Live Final

After 6 weeks of creating recipes at home to test and improve our culinary skills, it was now time for the 10 finalists to go head to head to see who would be crowned Kenwood Chef. The live final was held at AVEQIA cookery school in London on Saturday 28th November 2015. We were allowed to

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Kenwood Disaster Chef 2015 Week 6 Recipe Challenge – Roquefort Cheese Soufflé

It’s the final week! I can hardly believe it’s been 6 weeks already. I’ve had so much fun and the Kenwood Chef Sense has really revolutionised my cooking.  I won’t be hanging up my apron anytime soon, I have so much enthusiasm to try new things. This week’s recipe is Roquefort Cheese Soufflé created by Raymond Blanc.  

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Kenwood Disaster Chef 2015 Week One Recipe Challenge – Brioche

I did a post a few weeks ago I’m a Kenwood Disaster Chef 2015 Contestant! So the challenge started last week and I was happy to see the recipe was brioche as it’s my favourite bread, but I was also nervous as I’ve only ever made it in a bread maker. I’m always nervous working

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